What is LIT

This word, ‘LIT’, is one which I have not heard commonly used in decades. But I remember it being commonly used in the 60’s,often by my parents and their crowd. They certainly did not qualify as hippies. So, they only used it in reference to alcohol.


Originally “lit-up”, a shortened play of words on the idea that a wasted person is bright like a lightbulb as he stands out because of how wasted he/she is. They cant hide how wasted they are. “they are lit-up”. As happens a lot, the long version was dropped and became just “lit”. Crazy, became “cray-cray”, “cray-cray” became “cray”. “Jealousy” became “jelly”.”Lit-up” is now just “lit”.

LIT is located in the heart of HKisland, LIT is a warm, comfortable place to enjoy a sophisticated cocktail. The menu at this influential bar includes punches, julpes and plenty of whiskey-based cocktails.